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Work|Wear|Wander is a career, fashion, travel, home and lifestyle blog focused on career and personal development advice; simple, chic and attainable fashion and home decor; often under-the-radar vacation destinations; and other lifestyle topics. Written by Nicole Denton, Work|Wear|Wander is designed for the every girl, the creative and career-focused woman whose overall goal is to live her best life (but still within her means).

My Story

Raised in New Jersey, I attended the University of Tennessee and majored in Public Relations with a minor in Psychology. Since my 2008 graduation, I’ve had a career in digital marketing. It was through my career that my husband Michael and I (and our furbabies) relocated to the Phoenix, Arizona area in 2013.

I began blogging in 2008, first on digital marketing-related topics, but I soon transitioned into wedding blogging in 2010 when Michael and I were planning our big day. I grew the Plunge Project to be a top 100 wedding blog before selling it in 2015 to start Work|Wear|Wander. Work|Wear|Wander is my passion project, a place to experiment with outfits, share trips we take and tips on career, blogging, love and life.

When I’m not blogging or working, I also enjoy hiking, eating one of Michael’s amazing culinary creations (he’s a private chef), traveling, shopping, exploring Phoenix or just lounging around and binge-watching Netflix. Michael and I live in a new home we recently built in Mesa, AZ with our three furry children, Link and Shelby (rescued pit bulls) and Kity Perry (the sweetest cat you’ll ever meet).

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