5 Ways I’m Focusing on Personal Development in 2017

It’s the new year, baby, and I’m thrilled to be sharing how I’m planning to focus on my own personal development in 2017. It’s not that I’ve never focused on personal development before. Rather, I’ve done it sort of sporadically, but I realize that to continue to excel in my career and in life, it’s time to get really focused…and the start of a new year is a nice place to begin. So one week into 2017, here are the five ways I’m committed to focusing on my personal development. Feel free to steal any of them that you think may be a good fit for you as well!

1. Making Mornings More Productive

Around mid-2016, I wrote a post about my morning routine, but toward the end of the year, I fell completely off the wagon. So in 2017, I’m committing to it again, with some changes. Thanks to the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, I have new direction for my morning routine, which includes what Hal has coined the “life S.A.V.E.R.S.” Silence (in my case meditation), Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading and Scribing (AKA journaling) are all a part of my new and improved morning routine (which includes waking up an hour before I really need to), and I’m excited to get past the 30-day mark so it’s officially a habit!

2. Taking Advantage of My Commute

Depending on traffic, my commute to and from the office averages 20-30 minutes each way. In addition to that, I’m often in the car driving to meetings, happy hours, various volunteer events or just random errands. Easily, I spend 1-2 hours in the car on an average day. Historically, I’ve spent that time listening to various SoundCloud playlists, but in 2017 I’m committing to spending all my time in the car listening to podcasts. So far, I’m OBSESSED! I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to jump on the podcast bandwagon! Currently, I’m loving StartUp and Reply All by Gimlet Media, and (like the rest of the world) I was pretty obsessed with Serial. As soon as I get a few more podcasts under my belt, I’ll definitely recap my favorites in a post.

3. Reading at Least One Book Per Month

Confession: I am a serious Netflix binge-watcher. I can spend an entire day on a weekend watching episodes of Stranger ThingsHouse of Cards and How to Get Away With Murder back to back to back, and I often come home from work only to immediately jump on the couch and start my stream. So in 2017, I’m committing to trade binge time for reading time. Not all of it of course (because I really need to see what’s going to happen in Shameless), but enough that I can get through at least one book per month in addition to all my other goals for the year.

4. Watching at Least One TED Talk Per Week

You guys, TED Talks are seriously amazing. It’s unreal how much knowledge you can gain in just 15 minutes. It’s like getting to attend an amazing conference session every single week of your life. So in 2017, that’s exactly what I’m doing: pouring through the 2,300+ TED Talks and watching at least 52 of them throughout the year.

5. Bullet Journaling to Keep Track of it All

At this point in the post, you may be thinking that this all sounds good, but like most New Years Resolutions, this newly-inspired focus on my personal development will fizzle out before January even ends. That’s exactly why I’m also getting into bullet journaling this year! You can learn about the basics of bullet journaling here, but what really drew me to it is the ability to create various spreads to track anything I want to achieve. I have spreads for my 2017 goals, a weekly goal tracker, dates I want to go on with Michael, trips we want to take, books I want to read, you name it! It’s the perfect place to keep track of my personal development to ensure I stay on track all year.

I’m excited to be feeling so organized and ready to slay 2017. What about you?

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